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  • 	WONDERBOX (22*22*10)

    The WONDERBOX magnetic gift box is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard,...

    45,00 €
  • Wonderbox-EVOLUTION (22x16x3 cm))

    The EVOBOX magnetic box is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard covered...

    81,50 €
  • Métalisée argenté (10*15)
    Plastic envelop

    Aluminized envelope mirror effect 35 microns. Size : 10*15 cm. They...

    9,00 €
  • CAMPANA (26*37*6)
    Laminated box

    The CAMPANA two piece box is made from coated 420 g/sqm cardboard with...

    51,00 €
  • US-TNT poignées découpées
    Non-woven handle DKT fabric bag

    The NON-WOVEN FABRIC reusable bag is made from non-woven 70 g/sqm...

    74,00 €
  • POSTPACK 25x23x11cm

    Made from 2 mm thick corrugated board and protected by an antiscratch...

    30,75 €
  • PAPIER (22*29*8)
    Paper pouch

    The BLOCK BOTTOM paper pouch is made from 170 g/sqm paper and features...

    46,00 €
  • Round sticker (3/06)
    Round sticker (3/06)

    The sticker will allow you to elegantly seal your items. It is a round...

    21,00 €
  • Pochettes à bulles (18*18*4)
    Bubbles envelope

    The metallic bubbles envelope consists in a metallized exterior and a...

    22,95 €
  • Tissue paper
    Tissue paper White 50 x 75 cm

    Our tissue paper 22 g/sqm measuring w. 50 x l. 75 cm / w. 19,7 x l. 29,6...

    24,68 €

Bag with gussets 

Bag with gussets

Plastic bag with gussets


  • Flat handles Box plastic bag

    Discover our Box range of plastic bags with flat handles ! The Box plastic bag is consists of rectangular bottom, side folds and welded flat handles. It is made from high thickness plastic of 120 microns. Four sizes of two colours each are available. Centuryshop ensures you a fast delivery and high quality. For further information contact our team on

  • Tube handles Noblesse plastic bag

    Discover our Noblesse range of plastic bags with tube handles ! It is consists of strong plastic bag made from translucent plastic of 150 microns. It takes Noblesse paper bag appearance with translucent tube handles. It has also side folds, reinforced bottom and turn tops. The Noblesse plastic bag is available in two sizes. Centuryshop ensures you a fast delivery and high quality. For further information contact our team on

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