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  • Bow bag
    Bow bag

    Luxury BOW BAG with elegant finishes, perfect for a refined gift package...

    151,77 €
  • Quick bag
    Quick bag

    The QUICK Luxury bag with elegant finishes is perfect for a refined gift...

    143,82 €
  • DKT

    The DKT bag is a very qualitative bag, perfect for gift wrapping. Made...

    41,50 €
  • Pyramid

    This PYRAMID paper bag seduces your customers with its original shape;...

    108,94 €
  • Dot bag
    Dot bag

    A really beautiful DOT BAG with elegant small die cut dots for...

    137,08 €

Top sellers

  •  WONDERBOX (22*22*10)

    The WONDERBOX magnetic gift box is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard,...

    47,25 €
  • Wonderbox-EVOLUTION (22x16x3 cm))

    The EVOBOX magnetic box is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard covered...

    85,58 €
  • POSTPACK 25x23x11cm

    Made from 2 mm thick corrugated board and protected by an antiscratch...

    32,29 €
  • Métalisée argenté (10*15)
    Plastic envelop

    Aluminized envelope mirror effect 35 microns. Size : 10*15 cm. They...

    9,45 €
  • CAMPANA (26*37*6)
    Laminated box

    The CAMPANA two piece box is made from coated 420 g/sqm cardboard with...

    53,55 €
  • US-TNT poignées découpées
    Non-woven handle DKT fabric bag

    The NON-WOVEN FABRIC reusable bag is made from non-woven 70 g/sqm...

    77,70 €
  • PAPIER (22*29*8)
    Paper pouch

    The BLOCK BOTTOM paper pouch is made from 170 g/sqm paper and features...

    48,30 €
  • US-TNT poignées longues (30*35)
    Non-woven handle LUS fabric bag

    The NON-WOVEN FABRIC reusable bag is made from non-woven 70 g/sqm...

    52,50 €
  • Pochettes à bulles (18*18*4)
    Bubbles envelope

    The metallic bubbles envelope consists in a metallized exterior and a...

    24,10 €
  • WONDERBOX (7*12*3)
    Box with insert

    The WONDERBOX magnetic hard box is made from stiff 1200 g/sqm cardboard....

    42,00 €

Gift wrap 

Gift wrap

Discover our range of gift wraps ! White or coloured, embossed or not ... a wide range is available. Paper rolls measure 70x50 cm for colored wrap paper and more for white paper. Centuryshop ensures you a fast delivery and high quality. For further information contact our team on

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